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twodo makes magic that powers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence, based on 


Global manufacturers




With a single system where teams get work done for Logistics, Support, Compliance and HR, you can quickly change business models, boost performance, and nurture customers to sustain your mission of care.

Secure a healthy future
Surface insights, optimize logistics, and boost back-office efficiency so you can invest more in your mission. With, you get a flexible technology foundation and best particles that can help you adapt to change.

Gain deeper insight with a single system
Learn how real-time integrated processes help you bridge gaps effectively and drive performance that involve: service, purchasing, distribution, regulation.

Boost performance across your organization

Learn strategies for simplifying workflows, continuously improving operations, and keeping employees engaged so you can create a stronger healthcare organization.

Train your talent for superior care

Want to apply a skills-based plan to nurture caregivers, and develop a change-ready culture? Discover how twodo enables you to do just that.

Power new processes

Today, health organizations are facing rapid changes in the pace of activity, responding to increased demand for services while reducing cost. We will help you support ongoing change. Healthcare Customers
The world's leading healthcare organizations trust as their teams OS. Ask us for examples: Efficiency projects, Product launches, Purchase to service, Aftersales processes and more.

Global manufacturers

Global Manufacturers

Focus on strategic, revenue-generating and cost savings activities rather than IT upgrades. With twodo, you can easily optimize your local and global activities and adapt to current business needs.

Break the mold of business as usual
Gain global insights into your business, connect diverse site and plant operations to the corporate back office, integrate into your best practices solutions across the world—all using a single OS.

Plan and consolidate plant/site level activity
Take your plants and sites to the next level. Discover how you can collaborate with your leadership team and align with your bottom-up operations, all in one system.

Improve employee productivity
Outdated technology decreases productivity and agility. Learn how you can create an engaging employee experience and influence your bottom line.

Meet the industry's changing demands
To succeed in a changing world, you need to pivot fast. Learn how manufacturing organizations made the leap from manufacturing to delivering technology and service -based solutions to their customers. manufacturing Customers
The world's leading manufacturing organizations trust as their teams OS. Ask us for examples: efficiency projects, product launches, purchase to service, aftersales processes and more.

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Quickly respond to market shifts, regulatory mandates, and customer demands. With projects, planning and logistics all in one integrated OS  system, you gain deep insight into your assets, crew assignments, and costs. The result? Your resources can adapt to change on the fly—all with reduced costs and fewer IT hours.

Knowledge is power
Build a collaborative process across your entire organization.
With, you’ll have global visibility into your resources so you can improve your assignments, respond to delays and better plan and meet your KPI’s.

With you can:

  • Respond quickly to changing market needs using configurable business processes

  • Manage complex projects with a single integrated OS 

  • Collaborate with entire environment – local, global, internal & external resources

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Evolve your organization with a system build to change with you. provides deeper insights, better efficiency, and greater agility so you can embrace the future with confidence. 

Better serve your constituency
Control costs, ensure accountability, and make better decisions using reliable, integrated data that only can deliver.

Streamline processes with a single integrated system
Get more time back to focus on what matters.  


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