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twodo makes magic that powers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence, based on 

Request to fulfillment

Manage your projects

Always integrate - avoid friction

Request to fulfillment

Request to fulfillment

Activity Management

Fulfillment of request is the management of entire lifecycle E2E.
With twodo and based on monday's operating system platform, our goals are flexible as follows:

  • Provide visitors and users with friendly channels to request and receive answers according to a pre-defined approval and certification processes.

  • Track fulfillment of request between all the groups and components involve in the process until delivery on time

  • Monitor and share information about requests status

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Business Value

Providing a controlled, fast, and efficient approach to requests, improve productivity and quality of the process.
A request for fulfillment effectively reduces bureaucracy involved in applying for and gaining access to existing or new initiatives.  Cost of providing them reduces as well.
Flexible and personalized integration also increase adaptivity and control these processes.

Entries and Outputs Options:


  • Work request 

  • Authorization forms

  • Service requests

  • Requests from various sources

  • Request for information


  • Authorized / denied request

  • Request traceability and automation 

  • Filling requests

  • Events  

  • Recurring request

  • Closed requests

  • Canceled requests

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Manage your projects

Manage your projects

Whether it's in business transformation programs, product launches, construction or IT, managing your project's life cycle from ideation to completion is nothing short of challenging. As a Project Manager (PM), you’ll be assigned to a project, be required to set priorities, align all your goals, and manage your resources throughout the different project life cycle stages, while communicating your results to internal and external stakeholders. streamline the entire project life cycle and its stages. twodo will show you how to create an approval process, a program high-level board (consisting of a collection of projects) and the individual low-level project board itself. We’ll touch on the relevant views and dashboard that will help you better monitor and control project's progress - all intertwined and connected by automations.

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Always integrate - avoid friction

twodo will help you connect your favorite tools to and enjoy the added benefit of two-way sync so you can continue using tools you love.

Always integrate - avoid friction ​
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